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About Us

Winners win

Our Team at CADS Pickleball Podium; Cade, Jim, and Roger, are very proud of our patrons who love the sport of pickleball. CADS Pickleball Podium has been founded upon the principle of providing the best quality equipment and service for pickleball players no matter what level they are at. We promise to provide you with the best equipment so you can perform at your best. 



Our support team is there 24/7 to answer questions about the sport and help polish your game. Our team will assist you in finding the right equipment to enhance your playing ability.



It is our desire to create a love and dedication for this sport within you so that future generations will follow.


Invest in your Game!

Our Story

Founded in Utah, Podium Pickleball was just an idea when a 19 year old began to teach a 64 year old how to play the sport. Cade and Roger quickly grew a strong friendship based on the sport and the principles of pickleball. Cade and Roger decided to start the company Podium Pickleball to promote even more friendships and to spread the word of the growing sport. 


In the early stages Cade and Roger teamed up with another 19 year old, one of Cades good high school friends to join and start the business. Jimmy, Cade and Roger developed strong connections and hold great desires for the growth and development of the sport of pickleball. 

Meet The Team

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